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Exiting for the optimal value

With the logistics industry undergoing notable consolidation at present, we are seeing a healthy level of M&A activity. With our experience and expertise behind you, now could be a great time to realise your value and consider your exit strategy.

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Selling a business

We employ a 5-step process from inception to completion, which sets out the structure for how we manage your successful exit strategy:

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Firstly, we will review your business with a view to producing three key documents: a valuation of the business; a report covering business attractiveness and potential market interest; and finally a detailed proposal tailored to your company’s specific requirements.

With our deep understanding of buyer acquisition criteria and the current market, we can assist in identifying positive traits within your business. In addition, we will bring the most saleable aspects of your business to the fore, be it client spread, management team, profitability, or one of several other factors, ensuring they are prominently highlighted ahead of the transaction.

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Utilising information gathered from the review process, we prepare marketing material on your behalf that does your business justice – showcasing your company as a whole and highlighting the elements you are most proud of.

We then begin confidentially canvassing a large number of prospective buyers and create a shortlist of interested parties. Once we have reviewed this with you, we will then introduce the opportunity to your preferred buyers. It’s likely we already know the buyer of your business - we understand the market and we know what the various acquirers are targeting with their current acquisition strategies.

Our comprehensive knowledge of what a buyer is looking for will directly affect how we introduce your company. We will consider online, email and telephone campaigns and select the most effective route.

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Identifying buyers is where our industry knowledge sets us apart, and is how we create a competitive environment to achieve your goals from the sale. We have a wide-ranging network of buyers in excess of 1000 companies globally. Approximately 80% of these are trade buyers, the others being investors (Private Equity firms, Venture Capitalists etc.). We have a direct line into a substantial number of companies, as well as a solid grasp of their acquisition criteria.

In creating a shortlist, we work with you to rule out any potential buyers that are not a match in terms of suitability, but we will also take into account the culture of your business and the legacy that you wish to leave behind in the industry. We will take care of the crucial details, including company credit checks and arranging meetings. We will attend the meetings with you where necessary and manage the initial negotiations.

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We assist with the preparation of offers where required, such as Letters of Intent and Heads of Terms, and help negotiate every aspect of an offer including price, structure and personal terms. Our specialist expertise ensures we can review aspects of an offer structure as they relate to the wider context of the Freight and Logistics industry with a greater knowledge and understanding than more generalist firms.

In instances where buyer and seller are unable to reach an agreement on a specific issue, we will endeavour to provide creative solutions to help secure a positive outcome.

Selling icon Selling icon Step 5


The completion stage of the process can be the most complex, as it tends to involve detailed and intensive due diligence and legal work. This is another area where our comprehensive knowledge of the industry is key, especially as third party advisors such as accountants and lawyers will be considerably more involved.

On occasions when those agents aren’t specialists in our industry, they may focus on less relevant facets and hold up the transaction. Our steadfast involvement ensures their priorities remain appropriate and proportional, keeping the process moving. We will also prepare you for any issues far ahead of time, thereby reducing their impact, as well as assist with how to approach any issues that do arise.

Selling a business

Reasons to exit


After the investment you have made to your company, you deserve the chance to enjoy life after it. If it’s time to take a step back from your business, we can help you achieve a lucrative exit from your company, and locate a buyer that will maintain its legacy and provide support for your staff and clients.

Change in lifestyle

Many people reach a point in their life and career where they want to re-evaluate their personal circumstances. This might be a little more involved when you are the owner of a company, but it doesn’t need to be a headache – 4CAP Equity is here to smooth the transition and give you the platform to explore your options.

Accumulate capital to invest

Ownership of a business can take up the vast majority of your assets. A partial or full exit can help to diversify your portfolio and improve the health of your personal finances.

Achieve a return on investment

As a financial investor, you know the value of getting in on the ground floor and realising your investment at a favourable juncture. Our industry expertise can help you secure the optimal return for your Freight and Logistics asset.

Selling a business

What is your business value?

Our complimentary valuation service lets you take advantage of our years of experience in the freight and logistics sector to give you an expectation of your company’s value.

4CAP Services

Value Enhancement

Due to our experience in managing a wide range of both buy-side and sell-side projects, when it comes to an ideal acquisition, 4CAP Equity knows precisely what to look for. No matter the size or scope of the company – from small, lifestyle businesses, to larger privately owned SME firms, there are almost always areas where company owners can improve the performance and appearance of their businesses when it comes to preparing for an exit.

Our knowledge of the Freight and Logistics industry, along with the future it is embracing, particularly within the context of the M&A process, means that we have a deep understanding of what makes a company attractive in respect of a sale. We are adept at identifying factors within a company and providing professional advice on how managing these specific factors can enhance the value of a business. Among these specific factors are:

  • Client base concentration
  • Corporate governance
  • Employment and staff management
  • Management structure
  • Asset allocation

Selling a business

How we deliver a successful exit

Shortlisted leads

We will use our expertise in the freight and logistics industry to shortlist the most viable leads for your business.

Targeted suitability

We will make sensitive, confidential and appropriate approaches on your behalf to identify and introduce you to the most suitable buyers.

Experienced specialists

We will be by your side throughout the process. Our M&A professionals have witnessed a number of scenarios play out during the process, ensuring they’ll always know how best to proceed.