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Private Equity

If you are looking for an entry point into the sector or to consolidate your position, 4CAP Equity are an M&A firm uniquely placed as industry specialists to introduce you to the right freight and logistics opportunity.

4CAP Equity also works in partnership with the management teams and their shareholders of companies who have an existing Private Equity commitment to realise the value of their investments, whether that’s by way of a trade sale or a second-stage investment.

Private Equity

What we can do for you

Extensive global networks

4CAP Equity is able to introduce you to investment opportunities, both in the form of platform assets and follow-on acquisitions. We do this via the extensive global network that our key dealmakers have built up through their many years of experience in this sector.

Worthwhile targets

Through a proactive service which covers identification, a confidential approach and introduction to a variety of prospects, our private equity clients can be confident that they are receiving a wide spectrum of worthwhile targets, and not just those whose owners are looking to exit the industry at the earliest opportunity.

Private Equity

Why invest in freight & logistics?

The freight and logistics sector presents a multitude of opportunities for private equity firms to identify ahead of deploying capital. The industry is ripe for consolidation owing to its exceptionally fragmented nature. Some headline facts and figures to consider:

  • The top 10 global freight forwarders represent only 43.5% of the market share - leaving over half of the industry open to consolidation
  • Over 40% of the global market share is held by small, owner-operated companies
  • That 40% represents £40.5bn worth of revenue
  • The remaining 16% are tier 2 companies

This split provides a wealth of opportunities for Private Equity firms to invest in a platform asset. However, with a generous pool of small freight forwarders, there are also opportunities to run a successful regional or vertical market consolidation.

Opportunities to exit from investments are abundant too, with the top 20 freight forwarders being driven by their shareholders’ appetite to deploy capital. This has seen a number of these leading freight forwarders acquiring small and mid-cap companies in recent years.