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Complimentary business valuations from our M&A experts

You don’t have to be ready to exit to be curious about the current market value of your company. Through our complimentary valuation service, we apply our years of experience in the freight and logistics sector and exceptional understanding of the industry to give you an expected value range of your company.

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How we value your business

4CAP Equity takes the information you provide about your company and employ our industry-wide expertise to produce an accurate expectation of what your current business value is. We achieve this by:

  • Using key financial data you provide to calculate the approximate value of your business
  • Matching your business against similar businesses in the sector that have actually sold
  • Taking into account current market conditions in the freight and logistics sector

It is our deep knowledge of the sector that allows us to generate a more accurate valuation; one that goes beyond the more generic calculators available.

If your valuation gives you something to think about, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a more comprehensive analysis, where we can take a closer look at your structure, your clients and your performance.

our process

Selling a business

We employ a 5-step process from inception to completion, which sets out the structure for how we manage your successful exit strategy:

Selling icon Selling icon Step 1


Firstly, we will review your business, identify positive traits and prepare documentation detailing your goals, our approach to managing the project and how we will achieve a successful exit together.

Selling icon Selling icon Step 2


We will canvass a large number of buyers and, through analysis, will reduce this number down to a shortlist. Having created marketing materials on your behalf, we will approach the buyers in a discreet and appropriate manner.

Selling icon Selling icon Step 3


Using our industry knowledge and strong contacts, we will identify and approach buyers, carry out checks on your behalf and arrange initial negotiations. We will also attend those meetings where required.

Selling icon Selling icon Step 4


We will review all aspects of the offer structure using our specialist expertise where terms relate specifically to the Freight and Logistics industry. We will also suggest and provide creative solutions where negotiations are strained.

Selling icon Selling icon Step 5


The completion stage of the process can be complex as it involves detailed and intensive due diligence and legal work. We can help keep the process on track throughout this trying stage.