Jack Lonnen

Managing Director

With an impressive background in B2B sales stretching back to 2006, Jack has spent the last 4-5 years working as an M&A consultant within the freight and logistics sector, successfully leading numerous transactions from inception right through to completion.

Having dived into the M&A world with no direct experience Jack had no other choice than to quickly learn the mechanics of deal making. From the embryonic stages of first meetings with potential clients exploring their exit or growth strategies and helping to determine the best way forward, through to negotiating offer structures and coordinating the legal and financial elements of a completion, there was a lot to learn.

By getting involved with leading projects within just a few months, Jack was able to complete his first M&A deal at the beginning of just his second year in M&A. Fast forward another few years and Jack had completed his eleventh deal, built and nurtured a wide-ranging network of industry professionals, and has ultimately assisted countless company owners with their growth or exit strategies.

Jack’s real passion comes from enabling his clients to realise the maximum value of their business – whether it’s for a hard-earned retirement, or simply being able to unlock some of the value tied up in shares or assets – when it comes the right time to sell. This has meant that much of the work he is involved in has gravitated towards sell-side engagements / projects. This has been an organic movement which has worked particularly well with James, who has more of an interest in assisting clients on the buy-side with the growth of their businesses.

Deal history

Some of the successful transactions Jack has led include the sale of both RSH Freight Masters Limited and Dalpa International Limited to LEMAN, the sale of Fraser Freight Limited to Jersey Post, and Regional Express Limited to publicly listed firm Xpediator PLC. In addition to other undisclosed deals, these have given Jack considerable and invaluable experience in both M&A and the freight and logistics sector, which has now become the driving force along with James Hughes behind establishing 4CAP Equity.