3 years ago

Author: 4CAP Equity


Selling your business is unlikely to be a regular occurrence and for many owners it is a once in a lifetime event, often marking the end of the business ownership chapter in your life. A milestone of this importance takes significant time and effort to work through successfully and is in effect a full-time job. As such, it requires a committed and dedicated approach, and to be handled with utmost care. The best way to ensure due consideration is taken with your company sale is by enlisting trusted experts who can manage the entire process on your behalf.

When engaging 4CAP Equity, you are forming a partnership with us to manage the sale of your most valuable asset and by doing so, you are essentially outsourcing the job of putting a deal together. With the amount of work involved, very few company owners will have the time to do this effectively themselves alongside actually running their own business. The process involves a lot of time-consuming work throughout and whilst we make sure to involve you at every step along the journey, our job is to take the bulk of this workload off your shoulders: 

  • Evaluate - we provide an initial assessment of your business to determine an estimated valuation and also an appraisal which allows us to identify those areas that may require improvement pre-sale. Within this analysis we also identify your various strengths which will then form the cornerstone of our marketing material, showcasing your business in its best light to prospective buyers. 
  • Prepare - we create sharp, thought-provoking marketing material including teaser docs and information memorandums that tell the story of your business. This takes time to prepare, collating the relevant operational and financial data and presenting it in a concise and buyer-focused manner to really do your business justice.
  • Source - we have a vast network of both strategic and financial buyers. These buyers require contacting and introducing to the opportunity, followed by information exchange and in-depth discussions to establish their level of interest. With each prospective buyer having their own processes and individual approach to M&A, a diligent and tenacious approach is required to maintain momentum throughout the process.
  • Complete - we attend meetings with you, lead negotiations and assist with offer preparation on your behalf, putting your best interests at the forefront of our approach. Buyers often have experience of multiple acquisitions and are in a strong position when it comes to negotiating deal structure and terms, so it’s invaluable to have someone with the expertise and knowledge on your side. Once an acceptable offer is reached, we assist with due diligence and legal document review, always there behind you to ensure the transaction is as smooth as possible.

Is it time for you to sell?

Get in contact with us to discuss your exit options with no obligation. Whether it’s a few years away and you’re just starting to prepare, or something you want to get going with right away, we’ll be happy to speak with you.